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To share in our festival Program, please email us:

Filmmakers of Mediterranean countries, the Arab world are welcome to send us their films in the category of fiction films short films to take park of our digital film festival, we will publicize the film on our networks and platform and provide suggestions of distributing in Europe and other countries outside the Arab world and Mediterranean countries

Registration Guidelines

Filmmakers from Mediterranean countries and the Arab world are welcome to submit their films in the feature films, short films category for our digital film festival, we show the films on our networks and platforms and German cities and make suggestions for distribution in Europe and other countries outside the Arab world and the Mediterranean countries.
To register a film by Aflamna,, you will send the film and the completed film registration form to the festival within the registration deadline.
The festival will not consider any submissions whose viewing media has not been received by the deadline.
Please read the General Registration and Participation Guidelines beforehand As part of the festival, official awards are given by the festival jury in the various sections.

General criteria

  1. Film registrations are only accepted online at
  2. It is essential to comply with the additional deadlines: Feature films as well as short films: Registration of the films and receipt of the film materials by September 2nd, 2023
  3. Only films that were completed within the last 24 months before the start of the festival are to be registered.
  4. The Artistic Director of the Festival has the right to regulate individually all cases not provided for in the guidelines.
  5. Every applicant will be informed in writing about the result of the selection review.

Processing fee

Only films for which the entry processing fee has been paid will be eligible for selection. The fee is charged to cover administrative costs; a refund is therefore excluded in any case. Therefore, please read the guidelines first to decide whether your film meets all the criteria. The fee for each film is 90 euros (incl. 7% VAT) per registration.

payment method

Fees can only be paid online by credit card during film registration.

Selection Screeners

For selection screenings all films have to be submitted in their original version with English subtitles unless the original version of the film is English
The films can be submitted to the festival via file upload via the Aflamna website after the film registration process has been completed.
By submitting the online film registration form, the applicant agrees that the films submitted will be stored by the festival for organizational reasons until the end of the current festival edition (deadline: September 30, 2023). The festival would show the film on the website for viewing after the end of the festival, if the registrant would like to distribute the film within the European or Arab world, he*she selects this option in the online registration and further declares he*she Agrees.
In the event of an invitation, Aflamna also uses the relevant screeners for internal festival preparation.

For shipments sent by post from countries outside the European single market, a completed customs declaration (CN22 or CN23 customs declaration) must be attached to the outside of the packaging.

invited Film Guidelines

Officially invited films can also take part in Aflamna. The invitation to participate is issued by the artistic director.
The program of the invited films is also carried out by the artistic director of the festival and is irrevocable. Each film will be screened on the website during and after the festival.

Obligation of the participants

No film may be withdrawn from the festival program after its participation has been announced. Participation in the festival requires the unconditional adherence to all regulations.

Photos, press kits, posters

The participants provide the following materials:
  1. Film stills (minimum width 1920 pixels & minimum height 1200 pixels, JPG/TIFF) and a portrait of the director (minimum width 1200 pixels & minimum height 1920 pixels, JPG/TIFF) – with caption – in electronic form

  2. Film poster in electronic form (300dpi JPG on 13 x 18 cm), five printed copies up to DIN A1 (59 x 84 cm)

  3. Press kits as Adobe Acrobat PDF


The material will be shared and used by Aflamna with third parties for the purpose of editorial coverage of Aflamna. The images are also used for Aflamna’s publicly accessible print products (festival publications) and online media (websites, apps, social media channels) and remain available there with no restrictions in terms of time and territory. The excerpts may also be used for Aflamna’s online media (websites, apps, social media channels) and remain available there without time or territorial restrictions

Rights of Use

The participants grant Aflamna the non-exclusive, sub-licensable, territorially unrestricted right free of charge to the film and the press and promotional material mentioned under and the trailer/film clip mentioned for the purpose of presenting the film To use Aflamna and Aflamna online, in particular to reproduce, distribute, publicly reproduce, present, broadcast, make accessible for retrieval and in electronic form the film for this purpose in whole or in part, also on other than the originally used image/sound carriers Feed in databases and data networks. The following grants of rights apply indefinitely and can be revoked at any time: Use of the film in Aflamna’s internal archive.
Entrants represent and warrant that they own and are able to effectively grant to Aflamna all usage rights required to use the Film under this Agreement. The participants assure that third parties involved in the production and distribution have consented to the use of the film within the framework of Aflamna, as specified in this agreement, insofar as this is necessary. The participants guarantee that the use of the film under this agreement does not infringe any rights of third parties, including persons depicted in the film.
The participants release Aflamna from all third-party claims, in particular third-party authors, that should be raised against Aflamna. Participants must inform Aflamna immediately if they become aware of any impairment of the rights granted here. Aflamna is entitled to take appropriate measures to defend itself against claims by third parties or to pursue their rights. The participants’ own measures will be coordinated with Aflmna in advance. The exemption also includes reimbursement for Aflamna of the necessary legal prosecution/defense costs incurred or incurred, insofar as these are not to be reimbursed by third parties. Other claims Aflamna from a breach of warranty remain unaffected.